Time Saving

As AcuPro has 60~70 disposable sterilized needles per cartridge, doesn’t need any preparation in advance and enables to save time and to change cartridges easily.

  Safety and Sanitation

The safety switch prevents the malfunction and AcuPro keeps sanitary by using the sterilized cartridges.


AcuPro enables easy and fast acupuncture treatment and to use the other hand freely while treatment.

  Low Pain

Due to the automatic insertion of needle with fast speed, it reduces the pain of patient. As the needle is not seen before operation, it reduces the fear of patient and makes it easy to use for children or cowardly patients.


As it is available to adjust the depth of penetration, this can be used for any part of the body. Depth : 1~3mm, 3~5mm, 5~7mm, 7~9mm

  Needle Cartridge for AcuPro
Pro70 (70 needles in cartridge) Pro60 (60 needles in cartridge)
0.20mm 0.25mm 0.30mm